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Reservoir Engineering Extended Calculations and Engineering Logic
SANTEC Products
RExcel is a Petroleum Reservoir Simulation pre-processor. The software was designed to assist engineers and geoscientists build and managing complex models. RExcel is highly flexible and can handle a wide variety of scenarios. RExcel is easily configured to run hundreds or even thousands of realizations for uncertainty analysis.
-Corner Point Geometry
-Parallel Optimization
-Local Grid Refinement
-Dual Porosity (Single or Dual Permeability)
RExcel uses an industry standard grid and fault format that can be imported from products like RMS and PETREL.
Fully parallel code takes advantage of modern multi-core processors and provides exceptional performance when managing models of any size. All compute intensive areas are parallel.
Quick and easy refinement around wellbores or any area of the reservoir.
Full Dual Porosity compatibility with LGR, Faults, Pinch Outs, and all other configurations. Any combination of fractured and unfractured cells can coexist.
-Advanced 3D Graphics and Editing
Fully functional 3D rendering, graphical editing, Undo functionality, Layouts, a Recycle Bin and units conversions provide a user friendly and productive work environment.
-Immediate Response Programming
IR programming is directly embedded into RExcel and provides unparalleled flexibility for modifying cell properties, designating completions, and other advanced features. 
-ProDrill Technology
Design even the most complex deviated and horizontal multi-lateral wells with a few simple commands using ProDrill. 
-Aquifer Support
Configure the most complex aquifer boundaries even if your simulator doesn't support aquifers.
-SENSOR Compatible
RExcel is fully compatible with SENSOR, the industry's fastest and most cost-effective simulator. Over the years, SENSOR has proven itself on the largest, most complex Black Oil and Compositional models across the world. For more information please visit the Coats Engineering website at
-Transmissibilities and Well PI
RExcel performs rigorous cornerpoint calculations for all transmissibilities, non-neighbor connections, skins and well PI's. 
-Simulation Job Queue
The built-in Job Queue allows engineers to control the number of simulation jobs that are run simultaneously. This enables optimal use of multi-core computers.
-Fault Management
Unlimited flexibility when specifying Fault Factors, such as displacement weighted, region weighted or conduit flow.
-Project Management
Define multiple models using data from several databases, then batch process with a single button press.
-Grid Building
If you need to build a quick model and cannot wait for a full seismic/geologic study, it's not problem, RExcel includes several grid building and property distribution kriging tools. If you need to build sector models, RExcel easily lets you carve out portions of any model.
-Command Line Driven
RExcel can be run as a command line program by software that performs uncertainty analysis, or other iterative and batch methodologies. 
-Demos available upon request
-StimPlan and MFrac Support
Import hydraulic fracs designed in NSI StimPlan or Baker Hughes MFrac into the RExcel Library. Then easily re-grid the fracs for simulation purposes and include in a horizontal well. 
Generate PVT and Rel Perm curves from basic data.
-PVT and Relative Permeabilities
-Smart Apps
Dedicated tools for quickly building models that include LGR, Dual Porosity and batch processing for:
Horizontal and vertical multi-frac wells with variable frac dimensions and shapes.
SAGD horizontal wells
Five Spot hydraulically frac'd wells with kriging for arrays and grid.
Thirteen Well pattern with kriging for arrays and grid
Reservoir Engineering Viewer
REView is a Petroleum Reservoir Simulation post-processor that will display 2D images, 3D images and various plots. REView can load results from multiple runs for comparison, and has the same look-and-feel as RExcel.It can also display difference maps in time or between models, and perform history match quantification and ranking.
-Assisted History Matching
Dedicated tools allow engineers to easily configure RExcel so it will modify any reservoir or hydraulic frac parameter. The software will then make hundreds or even thousands of simulation runs and rank the history match.
REQueue is a simulation queuing system. It enables multiple users running RExcel to submit simulation jobs on a remote computer, thereby sharing the same simulator license. This makes RExcel/Sensor/REView an extremely cost effective solution for any workgroup.